Do you face any of these issues?

  • Worry that a fear-of-failure permeates the organization preventing new ideas from happening.
  • Lack of fresh ideas to meet strategic challenges.
  • Worry that the competition is going to pass you by.
  • Worry that there are ideas that could yield big impact… but you don’t know how to surface those ideas.
  • There are so many ideas in the organization, but few of them are connected to the company strategy, and with so much “noise” it’s impossible to tell which is which.
  • There is a lack of a repeatable, disciplined approach for generating, testing, and implementing innovative ideas.

Incubate Innovation in Your Organization

Culture impacts the way organizations get things done at every level. Innovation — whether small or incremental, large or disruptive — is about change. And change in an organization is intentional. Incubating innovation in any organization is dependent on all levels understanding their responsibility and/or accountability for exploring, doing, and sustaining innovation.

Leaders contribute to culture by what they say and by what they do.

Managers contribute to culture in their daily interactions that reinforce or conflict with leadership direction.

Individuals can impact the corporate culture through contributions that impact how people work and what they achieve.


Workshops to Incubate a Culture of Innovation

The Experience Praxis Group offer a series of workshops to Incubate a Culture of Innovation to build or enhance the underlying skills required for innovation at all levels of an organization. Workshops are available for leadership, managers, and innovation participants.

Supporting Leaders

Incubating a Culture of Innovation  
1/2 Day Workshop

The creation of a culture that is supportive of continuous innovation within their organization sets squarely on the shoulders of senior leaders.  Leaders of successful, innovative organization communicate that they are committed to supporting innovation.  It begins with a culture that genuinely supports experimentation and risk-taking.  This workshop provides a practical approach to help leaders think differently about how to intentionally set the conditions and culture for success.

Supporting Managers

Driving and Empowering Innovation Through Teams 
1 Day Workshop

We often hear the need to, “fail early, fail fast”.  But what does this mean for managers?  Front-line managers lead teams of individual contributors and can be a conduit for up-to-date knowledge, market trends, business challenges and insight into customers.  How do they make that happen? Innovators need this information to make their ideas relevant. Ignite Innovation team members require support to fail, learn, and persevere in taking an idea forward and doing the hard work of implementation.

Innovation Teams Workshops

Ignite Innovation team members will benefit from workshops specifically designed to support their innovation efforts.  Workshops focus on what skills are required to work an innovation project & help them overcome barriers, so they can contribute to a culture of innovation.

Developing and Implementing an Influence Strategy 

1 Day Workshop

In this workshop learn proven behavior change strategies.  Drawing from the skills of many of the world’s best change agents and combining them with five decades of social-science research, this course offers a powerful model for influencing how to overcome barriers and embrace change.

Presenting and Telling the Innovation Story 

1 Day Workshop

Craft business narratives that captivate, convince, and inspire others to support creativity, your prototype and the strategic need for your innovation.  Effective storytelling fosters collaboration, builds relationships and is essential for leading change, whether in a speech or a memo, communicated to one person or a thousand.

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