Innovation is driven by organizational values and culture 

Culture is the single most important driver of successful innovation.  It’s dynamic.  It evolves every day based on the behaviors of people who act in ways that support – or don’t support - innovation.

The Experience Praxis Group partners with leaders at all levels who want to do exciting and meaningful work to shift culture to bring out the best in individuals and organizations. 

Amazing things happen when leaders communicate a clear and compelling vision, which inspires action, and shapes and shifts peoples’ behaviors to create a culture of innovation.

We take a holistic look at company values, goals, strategies, current culture, written and unwritten principles and practices, leadership, and more, to determine what elements of the innovation ecosystem need to shift. 

The refreshed core of the culture expands as people experience the shift – from awareness to understanding to acceptance to inhaling, breathing the new “cultural air.”

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Worry that a fear-of-failure permeates the organization preventing new ideas from happening.
  • Lack of fresh ideas to meet challenges.
  • Worry that the competition is going to pass you by.
  • Worry that there are ideas that could yield big impact… but you don’t know how to surface those ideas.
  • There are so many ideas in the organization, but few of them are connected to the company strategy, and with so much “noise” it’s impossible to tell which is which.
  • There is a lack of a repeatable, disciplined approach for generating, testing, and implementing innovative ideas.

Incubate innovation in your organization

Culture impacts the way organizations get things done at every level. Innovation — whether small or incremental, large or disruptive — is about change and must be intentional. Incubating innovation in any organization is dependent on all levels understanding their responsibility and/or accountability for exploring, doing, and sustaining innovation.

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