Proven Tool-based Methodology

Innovation is not just about thinking up new products or things. Innovation is also about doing things better; doing things differently; transforming working practices and thought processes; providing an exceptional level of customer service and standing out from the crowd.

Our purpose is audaciously simple:  to transform your employees into innovators.  The Experience Praxis Group works with you to empower your talent with a toolkit-based, repeatable innovation process. The result: Successful, reliable, and sustainable innovation.

Impact the Bottom Line Through Innovative Business Solutions

The Experience Praxis Group has developed a process which integrates strategic insight and the required competencies of innovators with a repeatable, disciplined framework.  Our I4 Framework challenges employees to see and act in new ways.  Strategically-focused innovation creates valuable business results including:

  • Incremental improvements to existing products.
  • Breakthroughs such as new products and services.
  • Cost reductions, efficiency improvements, new business models and new ventures.

Innovation Opportunities Are Throughout Your Organization

Do you worry that great ideas remain captive in your employees heads? Innovation is all too often equated with just the development of new products. In fact, innovation opportunities are throughout your organization.

Innovation Through Customer Experience

Customer Experience

How your customers feel when they interact with your company and its offerings. How you get your offerings to market, and communicate them.

Innovation Through Internal Processes

Internal Process

How you support and reinforce your employees. How you create and add value to your offerings through internal methods, supply chain, or product improvements.

Innovation Through A Business Model

Business Model

How you make money. How you join forces with other organizations for mutual benefit. What customers value and are willing to pay. What are new revenue opportunities.

Innovation Through Goods and Services

Goods and Services

How you design your core offerings. The platform for products and how you bundle them together. How your offerings deliver long-term competitive advantage.

How We Work With You

Organizations don’t innovate; people do. By following The Experience Praxis Group’s four step process, you will have an organization of inspired and innovative thinkers who have the skills and tools to transform and positively impact your business results.

Consulting with Leadership

The Experience Praxis Group works with your organization’s business decision makers to:

  • Identify the immediate problems or longer-term strategic initiatives you want employees to innovate.
  • Form innovation teams with members who have deep domain expertise, wide breadth of knowledge and experience, and a sight-line to the organization’s strategic vision.
Innovation Workshops

During a 2-day workshop, participants experience and learn the I4 Framework™ .

This step-by-step toolkit approach challenges thinking, provides the rationale and instructions for a disciplined approach to innovation.

Expect your employees to be surprised and excited by what they learn and that they, in fact, can be innovators.

Framework Activation

Using the I4 Framework™ toolkit, teams apply what they’ve learned to innovate the issue their team is assigned by leadership.

The Experience Praxis Group facilities toolkit activities and coaches teams to push their thinking and stay on track.

Leadership Presentation

Teams present their innovation prototype to leadership for next stage approval.

Your organization “moves the innovation down the road” to implementation.

Two Innovation Options

Two Week Quick Start

Our consultant meets with your leadership to discuss the issues you want teams to work on.  Based on that discussion, we make recommendations for team member selection.  Next, teams attend the two-day workshop followed by two weeks completing toolkit activities to create an innovative solution.  During that time, teams meet twice with the Experience Praxis Group’s consultant who provides coaching, reviews progress, and keeps them on track for success.


Ten Week Intensive

Like the Quick Start, this option includes up-front consulting and the workshop.  The Ten Week Intensive option has four scheduled consulting days.  Each day includes additional learning, assignments and team presentations of deliverables.  Our consultant provides detailed feedback and coaching.  At the end of the ten weeks, teams are prepared to confidently present their tested prototype to leadership for next stage approval.


Innovation Workshops

Are you ready to ignite innovation?