Significant Business Results and Value

The Experience Praxis Group’s mission is to positively impact what you do now and how you are positioned for the future.

Our clients save time and money with more efficient and effective work processes; drive sales results, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage. These are just some of the business results client teams have achieved by using The Experience Praxis Group’s I4Framework.

  • Reduction of 1,800 hours of labor time and resources put into the budget/forecast process. Reallocated labor hours to solve other financial challenges.
  • Realignment of the balance between supply and demand resulted in an improved supply chain process, decreased raw material waste and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined IT process saving $500k in six months.
  • Improved OHI scores resulted from an employee recognition program to publicly recognize peers for their individual contribution.
  • Funding $1.2M prototype at the companies product innovation lab.

Tree Top Says It Best

Great things happen when our clients innovate with the I4 Framework. The Experience Praxis Group has partnered with Tree Top for that past three years. Here are their stories highlighting result areas.

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Timing: 1:00

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Timing: 2:09

What impact could innovation have on your organization?

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