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What’s in a Name

What’s in a name

The name of our company was deliberately chosen:  the intersection of the latest thinking and a practical “how to do it today” approach.

The Experience Praxis Group designs each engagement to fit your particular needs.  What does this mean for you?  Flexibility.  Our toolkit-based approach “teaches you how to fish” so you determine how we work together:  an in-depth engagement or we teach you the approach and then you take off and drive your innovation efforts.

About us

We are consultants who love unlocking business growth and employee engagement through innovation.  The Experience Praxis Group’s consultants are a diverse team of seasoned professionals who provide expertise to greatly improve our clients’ results.  They are skilled in organizational and business development and have worked with around the world.

Meet our Founder Kathleen Douglas

Throughout my career as an organizational learning consultant, I have been passionate about working with organizations to create change that captures the impact business leaders are trying to have, the difference they’re trying to make, and the future they are hoping to create for their organization.  And any business leader will tell you just how challenging that can be.

My interest in innovation started with my work for a top-tier technical leadership program for a global software company.  Researching the latest business thinking did not define how organizations can consistently innovate to achieve measurable business results.  My professional “eureka” moment came when I knew I wanted to “crack the code” and make a repeatable, “feet on the ground” innovation process that delivers true business value.

Kathleen Douglas

Kathleen Douglas

Meet Senior Innovation Consultant Peter Rogers

Peter stands for opportunity and possibilities. Throughout his 39-year career, throughout his life he has stretched himself and those around him to pursue lofty goals and dreams. Peter has helped enable companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard to accelerate and manage their innovation more effectively. Perhaps his greatest challenge was innovating while crossing oceans at age 30 in a 32-foot sailboat with only one crew.

Peter focuses on the realization of strategy - what it takes to get desired results and benefits. This requires not only a disciplined and repeatable approach to innovation but also an innovation mindset or culture, a suitable organization structure, and a work system to move innovations to fruition. Peter has worked with companies, non-profits, and government entities to put all of these elements in place. Recently, he presented a paper on these interrelated elements at a strategy conference. Whether coaching an individual contributor, a team or a CEO, facilitating a workshop or offsite, consulting on culture or the management of project and operations, Peter is always working with others to innovate towards lofty goals and dreams.

Peter Rogers

Peter Rogers

Meet Innovation Consultant Bill Swedish

Bill’s passion is helping people and organizations achieve great success in a constantly-changing world.  In his 38-year career, he has expressed that passion through a long and successful IT career and more recently through consulting, training, and coaching.  While CIO at a major west-coast port, he led the organization’s adoption of e-business and helped develop innovative strategic technology plans for a rapidly-growing airport.

Over the past 4 years, he has been intimately involved through coaching and training in helping a global technology company and its employees adopt a new culture of innovation, impact and customer obsession.  He has presented at numerous international conferences on topics including Innovation, Confidence, Influence, and Appreciative Inquiry.  His primary areas of focus now include whole-system change, training individuals to remove obstacles to innovative thinking, and coaching executives and employees through their own personal challenges with change.

Bill Swedish

Bill Swedish

Meet Innovation Consultant Hannah Pelley

Hannah is an industry recognized thought leader and proven expert in creating and implementing innovative solutions that maximize business performance and organizational health (retention, engagement and morale).  She has 18 years of award-winning real world experience leading executives at Microsoft and Toyota in creating and driving strategic and operational plans, change management, marketing, communications, and organizational development (programs, training, and coaching).

Hannah Pelley

Hannah Pelley

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