Innovation through a rigorous tool-based and repeatable process.

The Experience Praxis Group’s clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through strategically-focused innovation.  The result?  Innovative business solutions.

Learn how to innovate using a proven, comprehensive and tool-based process.  Immediately address real-world problems and seize strategic opportunities.

Significant Results and Value

Immerse yourself and your employees in the world of strategically focused innovation.  The Experience Praxis team will partner with you on short-term sprints to discover innovative solutions to important problems or longer-term engagements on strategic initiatives.

Our unique approach integrates strategic insight, the competencies of innovators, and our proprietary I4 Framework.  This toolkit-based approach provides the rationale and instructions for a disciplined, repeatable approach to innovation.

The result? Discovering new ways to achieve business results and accelerate growth in today’s economy.

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A Few Of Our Clients

What Our Clients Have to Say

From a visionary, high tech company to one of the world largest supplier of fruit products – The Experience Praxis Group works with clients who understand that “what got them here, will not get them there.”

The number of work hours saved will pass 13,000 or more; and I expect it to also result in significant cost savings.
Glenn King, VP of IT, Tree Top, Inc.
We created an innovative new process which resolved a long standing issue effecting my organization. It is now bringing actual new world value to my ongoing operations.
Finance Director, Microsoft
When I was at Razorfish, we piloted the innovation program in Seattle, and then took it to our Atlanta, Chicago, and NY offices. The I4 Framework is one of the most useful tools I’ve come across and I still use it today.
Stewart Meyer, Client Experience Dir, Arivale

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